The Radiotherapy and Oncology Centre is situated at the Permanent Site of ABUTH, Shika, Zaria. It is designated a Centre of Excellence for Oncological Services by the Federal Government of Nigeria.

VISION:  The vision of Radiotherapy and Oncology Department is to provide Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy and Palliative services for all ages in Nigeria.

 MISSIONThe mission of Radiotherapy and Oncology Department is to provide, promote and support affordable accessible and appropriate oncological services throughout Nigeria.                                    

      Activities in the department include:-

  •   Treatment and Rehabilitation of Cancer Patients using Cobalt-60 machine and Brachytherapy equipment.
  • Out-patient Clinics for Cancer Patients
  • Cytotoxic Chemotherapy administration
  • Residency Training for Resident Doctors in Radiotherapy and Oncology.
  • Teaching of Medical and Nursing Students
  • -   Radiation Protection/Monitoring for workers and workplaces in collaboration with Centre for Energy Research and Training, Zaria.
  • Health Education by counseling Oncology patient and their relatives.


 -    Mondays:   New Patients Clinic

-   Tuesdays:     Follow-up Clinics

-   Wednesdays: Academic activities

-   Thursdays: New PatientsClinic

-     Fridays: Check Clinic for patients on Radiotherapy

NB: Radiotherapy is on every working day of the week.

       Chemotherapy is on every day of the week.

       Brachytherapy is on Mondays and Thursdays as scheduled by

       Consultant in-charge.

 Commonly used terms in the department include:-

 Radiotherapy: - A clinical modality that deals with use of Ionising Radiation in the treatment of patients with malignant neoplasms, i.e. cancers ( and occasssionally benign diseases).

 Oncology:-   This refers to the field of medicine that deals with the study of all malignant neoplasms, i.e. Cancers.

 Teletherapy:-   This is treatment of a patient with the source of ionising radiation situated at some distance outside the patient.

 Brachytherapy:- This is treatment of a patient with the source of ionising radiation placed within the patient, i.e in the tumor.

 Cytotoxic Chemotherapy:-   A modality for treating cancers that involves use of Chemical agents, i.e. injections and or tablets.

 Field  - The external surface of the patient on which marks are made to show the areas where radiation beams will be directed. It can be on any part of the body and it is usually described by measuring the size.

 Dose:-   The amount of radiation prescribed to a field. The Unit of measurement is the Gray which is equivalent to the amount of energy of the radiation deposited per unit mass of the tissue transversed. It is the same as the Joule.

 Fraction:- The number of units into which the total dose is divided Patient receive daily or weekly fractions depending on the prescription.

 Exposure Time:- The time period over which a prescribed dose (fraction) is delivered.

 Palliative Radiotherapy:- This is the use of radiotherapy to ameliorate symptoms of the patient and improve quality of life. It is used in advanced cases when the disease is extensive and has gone beyond its immediate confines.

 Radical Radiotherapy:- Radiation is used here with the intention of curing the disease. This type of treatment is ideal for early disease.

 Hemostatic Radiotherapy:-   Conotes the use of radiation to arrest bleeding from tumor sites. High doses are usually prescribed over short periods.